Open Water Survival

Just got back from the Open Water Swim and I have to say, though I still have work to do, I felt much better after this one. I know I can do it now, which is 90% of the battle. A few tweaks here and there in stroke and mind set, with the addition of prescription goggles (Thanks to Marie for the recommendation …. I owe you one) and once again good teammates to look out for you, and a few good tips on the home front, I got through almost a mile. The following is my entry from Training Peaks (digital upload from my watch):

My Swim workout on Sat, 03/26/2011 at 3:08 PM. I did 1479 Yards in 0:44:10 at 183.9. MY COMMENTS: Open water swim planned for actually getting through half mile. Between the current and me “floating” while acclimating was actually closer to a mile … but was a fake mile. Still … got my face in …

The funny thing about the entry (I LOVE my GPS watch … it’s the geek in me loving the data read-outs) is that my average pace per 100 meters was 3:49 but my MAX was 0:28. Must have been on the way back when I hit the current pushing me. LOL

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