The Joy of Running?

Went for my run workout yesterday and was dreading it the whole time. You always hear about this so called “runners high” that other people get, but I have never had it. The whole time I am out there all I can think about is “how much further do I have to go?”, “wow …. my shins actually feel ok”, to the next minute when it’s “damn it my shins are knotting up again”.

In the end it was one of my better recent workouts. My pace was well under (by 1:10) then it has been recently, and I am thinking that if I can at least run walk at a 1×2 split I can get through it one way or the other. Now to conquer the swim.

The stress of still looking for work, with only three callbacks, is getting to me also … I am keeping the household afloat so far, but it won’t last forever. Trying to keep contract work in mind to get from point to point, but at some level I will have to ask friends for help, and I HATE that prospect. Interview set up tomorrow which I am keeping my fingers crossed about.

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