It always amazes me (and I guess at this point it shouldn’t anymore) at how quickly people turn against you, or even worse, forget about you. It’s one thing to be an asshole and have people write you off when you are gone, but when you are a good friend, a good boss, a good shoulder to vent to, a decent guy overall, and then have people just forget about you like you never existed … well … it’s a bit hard to swallow.
I have staff people from my job three years ago that still check on me, make sure things are going well, affectionately still call me “jefe” and it makes you feel like you made an imprint on their lives. So next you go to a high level “professional” employer and work your ass off for three years, make some considerable improvements to productivity and work-life balance, get under cut by a conniving former staff member, and they have not checked on me or my well-being once since the week after I left …. like I never existed. I know I should just let it go, but things like that bother me. 

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