Still Shooting Upward

I know this must be getting old, but I have to post to try to get a handle on why this is happening and to see it in pictures helps me in that way, so bare with me, if you would ….

Since thyroid meds were decreased on March 4th, as I have said, my weight has been increasing (though my body fat has been all over the map. The graph here shows the last seven days:

The trend continued today with another 1.6 pound increase. So I thought I’d look at the calorie burn also in this entry for the same time period. Here it is:
This is read as the total calorie burn each day, which includes the RMR. A good way to look at this is the blue line is the RMR, or calorie burn with NO additional exercise. You will see I had a day off on 3/20, and today I have not done anything yet (Run/Swim brick on the schedule for later), but every other day is pretty high … some amazingly high burns (this long rides and triple bricks will burn some calories). So if my average calorie INTAKE is about 2,000 – 2,100 I SHOULD be losing weight, but as you see, I am gaining weight. This is not just “water build up”, or “lactic acid build up”. Something is “up” though. 
And it is VERY frustrating ….  

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