Discouragement Revisited

It’s very hard to stay motivated when you think you are doing everything right and it’s not improving. Most of the advice I get when posting like this ranges from “stop focusing on your weight”, “it will come…just keep going”, etc. but it’s hard to do all these things. It’s along the same lines as having a panic attack or anxiety attack and people tell you to “just calm down”. It doesn’t work that way.

I am AVERAGING a daily caloric deficit (number consumed – number burned) of about 800-1200 per day. CW would suggest that I will lose weight, yet I am still gaining. This has seemed to coincide with the change in thyroid medication to a lower dose, so if you’re reading this Tracy, PLEASE pass this on the Doc? 🙂

Here is the graph since the dose lowering on 3/4 (red is weight and gray is body fat %:

It’s not in my head people. Yesterday I consumed 2400 calories (224 protein and 46 carbs). Gained half a pound.

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