Weight Loss Revisited

The thing with weight loss, especially when dealing with it as I have with other issues in the background, is that you have to take the peaks and valleys as they happen. If you are one of the lucky readers of this blog, you know a recent entry was due to my frustration of gaining weight even when working my ass off. The chart looked like this, to refresh your memory:

This is after 18 mile bike rides, 2 mile runs, and 1000 meter swims. Very hard to understand. I even started pulling my weight tracking to see if I notice a trend, and besides a small uptick in average carbs this month, most everything is the same. I am average a deficit of calories of around 1000-1500 each day. If one pound is equal to 3500 calories, it stands to reason that every two or three days I should lose a pound … yet I gain. Here is the most recent week:
As you can see it actually started moving down on the 11th, but the 16th and 17th have gone up. Now to be realistic, it was an increase of 2/10 of a pound each day, so I might be being an alarmist here. LOL
Here is the full weight tracking for March:

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