Although we ride and run in many places, our favorite as a team is Flatwoods. Frm one entrance it’s a two mile ride into the loop start, and each loop is 7 miles. It makes it easy to measure distance and time, and plenty of well maintained water stops along the way to have recovery for the longer rides. We plan three basic rides and base them on the number of loops; a single loop ride is 2 miles in, 7 miles loop, and 2 miles out for a total of 11 miles. A double loop just adds one more lap for a total of 18, and a triple is 25.

An added bonus is the park itself … usually quiet, serene … a nice ride. The only downside is on the weekends it can get crowded with the “family crowd” who are not well versed in rules of biking. The last weekend was an example of this. Calling “On your Left” when approaching from the rear allows the people you are overtaking to know you’re there and to move right to let you pass. A couple of older gentlemen (??) didn’t like us barking that at them, didn’t move right, and then were smart asses when we passed. Oh well, we just laughed it off. When they do that with the wrong people they will end up wrapped around a bike moving 25 mph … they won’t be smart asses after that.

Here are a few pics of the park:

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