The Holiday Recovery

Well I managed to get through the holidays with minimal effect on my weight (only gained 2 pounds) which is an event. I expected to again about 5, and really did not pay much attention to what I was eating. I have been noticing that the further along I get in the training the easier it has been to eat correctly (or at least in the ball park) without much thought or effort on my part. I guess that is progress?

So … as I type this I am at 253.5 and on the way back down again. The training has been slow and I am not noticing much gain in endurance which is starting to bother me. I have not been OUTSIDE on the bike for three weeks (weather, training partner not available, etc.) but going to try to hit the trail tomorrow and see how the stationary training has effected my overall fitness. Received a great trainer during the holidays and cannot wait to actually use it. Plan is to use it on Saturdays where I cannot get outside and there are no TNT training events. The new year has begun and with it the countdown to the first triathlon.

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