Shrinking Man ….

Ok… it HAS to be the pills …

I had a great workout last night. My first attempt (a minor one) at a “brick” resulted in biking (machine) for 20 minutes (4.69 miles) and then hopping on the treadmill for another 20 minutes (1.30 miles). Burned just under 1,000 calories in the process, which is great. Also during the run my heart rate got to 174 which is the highest I have ever been able to get it (usually at 145 range I start to have breathing trouble) so my cardio and VO2 must be improving.

Jumped on the scale this morning and went from 255.8 to 253.0. Almost three pounds. I am sure the brick was part of that, but since starting the OxyElite this has been a constant 1-2 pounds per day loss even on days I have not worked out.

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