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Welcome to Moe’s

April 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

As you open the door, the announcement hangs in their air, inviting you further inside. “Welcome to Moe’s!!” “Hello Moe!” I answer …. “What will you have today? Joey Bag of Donuts?” The smile from Moe is mesmerizing. It beckons you. “No Moe. I think today I shall have a Homewrecker.” “Everything on it?” Moe says, already piling the toppings on. “Yes Moe …. please do!” I look down convinced Moe can see the puddle of drool developing under my feet. “How about some queso in there as well??” [Read More ...]
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Product Review: Crotch Guard

April 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

There are many brands of chamois cream on the market today, so another one is normally no big deal. When I was offered a sample of Crotch Guard to review I answered that I would, but felt like it was just going to be another cream that you either rub on your skin or into the chamois and not much different than anything else I have used. I was pleasantly surprised. Crotch Guard wasn’t a cream, to start off with. It is a skin care oil, for starters, and like most creams it is designed to reduce friction during those long bike rides and hours in the saddle. The idea is to strengthen the [Read More ...]
Training Tales

Training Tales – A Pain in the Ass

April 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

There comes a point in time, if your training is holding true, that obstacles like hills, rain, wind become less of a factor in your decision to head out on a training ride. Last season the threat of rain, or of high winds, on a day when the plan called for 2000 feet of climbing would have had me scurrying back to my bed. Not so this season, and it has been a change I have noticed. This is not to say that I still have an easy time in any, or all three, of these conditions, but it is more to say that they no longer scare me as much because I know I can do them. Saturday’s ride tested me [Read More ...]

Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire | The Perils of Goal Setting

April 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

I was having a discussion over the weekend about goals and it came to light that I may think differently about setting goals, thinking about what I want to achieve in life, then some others and wondered how different I really am. The concept of the “bucket list” has been around for awhile, but gained traction with people after the movie came out in 2007 (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson). we all have an internal list whether we ascribe to the concept or not. We have all said to ourselves “before I die I want to …. ” at least once. The danger in setting goals is [Read More ...]

Does Money Influence Healthy Living?

March 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

There are a few challenges when you are part of a team that is not in your area. Planned rides that start at 8:00 AM for local people is easy, but for me it means getting up at 4:30 AM to get dressed and load car and drive for two hours, which also means added expenses for gas money, wear and tear, etc. The good thing about this is that it affords me lots of thinking time. This can be good or bad I guess, depending on where my mind goes, but what I have been doing recently is listening to NPR Radio. It is easy on my drive because the Tampa station lasts me almost all the way, and when it [Read More ...]
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Product Review: Beetle Bag

March 27, 2016 | 0 Comments

I am not a tourist bike rider. by saying that I mean that since taking up biking 6 years ago it has all been centered around triathlons. It has been a very rare occasion that I have ridden for the sheer pleasure of just going on a long bike ride. But I have wanted to do this, and in readying myself for that I started looking at gear that would allow me to use my road bike for that purpose (a man can only afford so many bikes). I was contacted recently to look at a piece of bike equipment called the Beetle Bag. Looking at their website, the product intrigued me. It appeared to be well built, [Read More ...]


March 23, 2016 | 3 Comments

I know I keep revisiting this post from 2012 and revise it each year, but it still seems relevant and it is something I like to re-read on occasion. I have reconciled myself to the process of getting better without worrying about others and how fast they are, but I have to admit there are times where the frustration over my own slow progress compared to others gets over whelming at times … to the point of distraction. Let me be clear here … I am not comparing myself to those who have been running their whole lives. I know they enter with a much larger base than I have or ever will [Read More ...]

The Right to Log

March 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

This is becoming like a job isn’t it? So much of the training  is tied to data. From the very beginning we track our mile pace on the run, or how fast our overall pace is on the bike. We become obsessed with our 100m split in the pool and how that will translate to Open Water once the time comes. Pace watches are not just a nice thing to have, they have become a necessity, needed to track pace and heart rate over the course of a workout. Want to see a triathlete FREAK out? See what happens when his Garmin dies in the middle of a run … or worse even, a race, or if s/he forgets to hit [Read More ...]

The Slow Death Spiral of the Soul

March 16, 2016 | 2 Comments

I have been noticing the past few weeks how easily it is to lapse back into laziness and bad habits. A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday after a 30 mile ride, I started feeling a tickle in the back of my throat, which then ended up being later that night a full blown coughing attack. Non-Productive of course, which led to a sore throat the next morning. Sore throat? Big Deal. I have had sore throats before and this one felt no different, except for as Monday went on I started feeling …  Tired. Not the normal “I’m at work and it sucks” tired, but an overall lethargy [Read More ...]

On Climbing Hills

March 9, 2016 | 1 Comment

I am not someone who posts a lot of “how to” guides. The internet, and blogworld, is filled with “Top 5 Reasons” or “Top 5 Ways” for me to add to the fray. I am going to attempt one this time, however, because it is about a topic I have struggled with and have learned to deal with, with up and down success, over the last couple of years. Climbing hills on a bike. I can hear the pundits now in my ear … “John,” they say. “You live in Florida. what do you know about climbing hills.” The answer is simple. I know what I know. Much [Read More ...]
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Race Report – Meghan Nana-Sinkam |Annapolis 10 Miler 08-24-2014

February 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Explanation: This was a guest post from Meaghan Nana-Sinkam in 2014 that has somehow gone AWOL from my site. I liked this write up quite a bit for many reasons and luckily Meaghan still had a copy of it available, so I am presenting it once more. I signed up for this race for one reason. The “Finisher’s Premium.” Some races give you a medal, which is nice. But how long can you wear the medal without looking like a jerk? Not more than a day, and a day might be a stretch. But a jacket? I pictured myself wearing that jacket for years to come! The only possible pitfall was that [Read More ...]

Jersey Scars

February 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

No, this post has nothing to do with the idiotic shows “Jersey Shore” or any of the “Housewives of ….” series. 🙂 When I played football it was a big deal to be seen as “tough”. One of the ways this was seen was the amount of bruising you had after a practice, or especially after a big game. I know I know, such a testosterone-y thing, but hey, that’s the way it was (and I suspect still is). When you were practicing in my day you wore a practice jersey, which was basically a “net” jersey which covered you, but had large holes in it [Read More ...]

A Special Snowflake: Understanding My Weight Loss Issues

February 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Someone once referred to me as a special snowflake. I cannot make that up. What prompted that was an online “discussion” about the merits of the calorie in vs. calorie out paradigm. Much has been written recently about how a calorie is not a calorie and that basing your eating solely on calorie counting will not work because the calorie in vs. calorie out methodology is flawed. I will be honest. Because it seemed to explain my issues I bought into that thought process. But now I am having a change of heart. In its base essence, a calorie is indeed a calorie. Since it is a unit of [Read More ...]
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